The expertise of INSCT Director William C. Banks is in high demand as the United States prepares itself for the transfer of power to a new presidential administration. In January and February 2017 he will be speaking at the following events:

• AALS Annual Conference, San Francisco, Jan. 6

Panel Presentation: Domestic Responses to National Security Emergencies

• Connecticut Law Review Symposium, Jan. 25-26

The Future of Surveillance and Privacy (panel presentation on surveillance reform, plus an essay for the University of Connecticut Law Review)

• Emory University, Jan. 30-31

Book talk, with Prof. Mary Dudziak, on Soldiers on the Home Front, and a guest lecture on national security law with Prof. Laurie Blank.

• University of Texas School of Law Robert Strauss Center, Feb. 6-7

Panel presentation on attribution of cyber attacks and the new Tallinn 2.0 Manual (plus an essay for Texas Law Review), and a guest lecture on Counterterrorism Law, with professors Robert Chesney and Stephen Vladeck.

• Duke Law Annual Law, Ethics, and National Security Law Conference, Feb. 25-26

Panel presentations on civil/military relations and surveillance law, plus a book talk on Soldiers on the Home Front.

In addition, on Sept. 14-15, 2017, Banks will be the guest of theGerman Comparative Law Society and its bi-annual Congress in Basel, Switzerland. His talk on the US approaches to domestic deployment of the military and militarization of the police also will be the subject of a forthcoming book chapter.

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