Syracuse National Security Expert Shares Concerns with White House, Military Officials in Quarantine

(WAER | Oct. 9, 2020) Positive coronavirus cases in the White House and among top US military leaders have raised the concern of one Syracuse University International Relations expert regarding the nation’s national security. Officials out for medical treatment or in quarantine from exposure raises questions about leadership.

A president with COVID 19, Top generals infected or isolated … Syracuse University Law and International Relations Professor William Banks agrees some concern is warranted.

“Attention on the domestic political situation and the President’s dominance of the news and his wellbeing is obscuring what else might be going on in the world that should be drawing some of our attention.”

He assures people no one in the highest military or intelligence rolls has dropped the ball… but with the infections, there are worries about leadership or chain of command.

“They’ve gamed and exercised and rehearsed for circumstances like these, but not in real time, and not with COVID. So we’ll have to stay tuned to see how the circumstances change as the days go forward” …

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