From October 25 to 27, 2017, INSCT Director William C. Banks took part in the “Impact of Emerging Technology on the Law of Armed Conflict” conference at the US Military Academy at West Point. Hosted by the Leiber Institute for Law and Land Warfare at the West Point Center for the Rule of Law, the hosts described the topic of emerging technologies on the battlefield as a “complex and dynamic field” within the law of armed conflict (LOAC).

Professor Banks discussed “Cyber Attribution and In Bello Compliance During an Armed Conflict.” He spoke on the “Distinction, Marking, and Attribution” panel with COL Mike Meier, of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and LTC Mark Visger, of USMA-West Point (moderator).

Also speaking at the event were Professor Laurie Blank of the Emory University International Humanitarian Law Clinic; COL Geoffrey Corn, Staff Judge Advocate, US Cyber Command; Professor Peter Margulies, Yale Law; and Professor Michael N. Schmitt, USMA-West Point.

Other topics discussed at the conference included “not-yet-emerged” weapons technologies; how technology “distorts” the nature of conflict; distinction, emerging technologies, and civilians/combatants on the battlefield; concealed cyber operations; perfidy and invisible technologies; and artificial intelligence at war.


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