SU Political Science Professor Says Kerry’s Speech Contradicts UN Security Council Resolution

(WAER FM | Dec. 30, 2016) An Associate Political Science Professor at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School says Wednesday’s speech by US Secretary of State John Kerry about ways to establish peace in the Middle East was really an admission he wasn’t able to broker a deal.  

Last week, the United States abstained from voting against a UN Security Council resolution which found fault with Jewish settlements in Israeli occupied territories situated along the West Bank. INSCT Affiliated Faculty Member Miriam Elman thinks Kerry’s speech and the recent UN Security Council resolution doesn’t match-up.

“Many aspects of the speech and the points that Secretary Kerry was trying to give as a framework for piece contradict what was stated in the UN Security Council resolution. There’s quite a bit of discrepancy in these two documents when you look at them.”

Elman adds if Kerry truly believed what he conveyed in his speech, the US Ambassador to the U.N. would have voted against the resolution because it actually undermines the goals of the Obama Administration.  She says Kerry stated that Israel wouldn’t have to go back to the 1949 armistice lines or borders.  President George Busch wrote to Congress about it in 2004 …

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