The First Day the U.S. Can Legally Withdraw From the Paris Agreement Is November 4

(Newsweek | Oct. 9, 2020) The first day the U.S. can legally withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord is November 4—the day after the presidential election. The outcome will decide whether the country will remain part of the agreement, with Biden pledging to opt back in and Trump to continue the withdrawal process.

Climate change is one of the key issues of the forthcoming election for many people in the U.S. Research from Pew published October 6 showed it is considered a very important issue by 42 percent of registered voters. A further 26 percent said it was somewhat important.

How much climate change will influence the outcome of the election remains to be seen, but there is speculation it could be significant …

… Mark P. Nevitt, associate professor of law at Syracuse University, specializes in climate change law and policy. He told Newsweek it is too early to tell whether 2020 will see the rise of the “climate change voter,” but said “there is certainly more energy around climate change during a presidential election than at any time in my lifetime” …

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