Defense Contracting

A Crisis of Trust: Challenges & Prospects for Sustained Security Force Assistance to Afghanistan

David F. Everett Postconflict Reconstruction Speaker Series


  •     Maj. Fernando Lujan, US Army Special Forces Officer and Visiting Fellow, Center for a New American Security; Afghan-Pakistan Hands Program
  •     Cpt. Tlaloc Cutroneo, US Army Intel Officer; Former Special Operations Police Advisor for Afghan Civil Order Police; and Police Officer (Gang Unit), Boston Police Department
  •     Cpt. Russell Galeti, US Army Infantry Officer and former Embedded Advisor to Afghan National Army
  •     Lucas Tomlinson, Research Manager, Human Terrain System, US Department of Defense


Wartime Contracting

Panel Discussion with:

  • Joanna Ayers, US General Accounting Office
  • Col. David Berg, US Army
  • Robert Toole
  • William C. Banks, Director, INSCT

In this panel, the focus will be on contracts as a policy tool, but one being used extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also increasingly in conflict, postconflict, and weak/fragile states. There are of course a host of issues to be discussed. In recent remarks, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has described the situation around wartime contracting as death by a thousand paper cuts. Of course the real challenge then is that each small decision is not well integrated with each subsequent decision and certainly not aligned with a larger strategic orientation and goal. Extricating oneself from these increasingly complex processes can be a Herculean challenge.

Five Critical Steps for Improving Postconflict Operations

David F. Everett Postconflict Reconstruction Speaker Series

INSCT will host Karin von Hippel of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) as its first guest lecturer in a series of discussions on the pressing topic of Postconflict Reconstruction. Von Hippel currently serves as the Co-Director, Postconflict Reconstruction Project and a Senior Fellow, International Studies Program at CSIS.

A Tour of Duty as a Soldier & a Lawyer

Col. David Everett (LAW ’76) will talk about his service in Iraq while assigned to the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team, Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq, as the primary Coalition Forces Advisor to Iraq’s Deputy Minister of Interior for Internal Affairs.