SU College of Law Interim Dean and INSCT Director William C. Banks has accepted an invitation to join the Editorial Board at The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in The Hague, The Netherlands. According to ICCT President Mark Singleton, a former diplomat and postconflict specialist, the ICCT Editorial Board will consist of highly-respected scholars in the field and will enhance the quality of the institute’s research.

ICCT is an independent “think and do” tank providing multidisciplinary policy advice and practical implementation support for prevention and the rule of law, vital pillars for effectively countering terrorism, violent extremism, and human rights abuses and for supporting the rule of law, rehabilitation, and civil society.

Current ICCT projects include those addressing building community resilience in Nigeria; effective implementation of UN SEC RES No. 1624 (2005) [on threats to international peace and security]; the interplay between international humanitarian law and international human rights law; transforming broad military intervention into more limited counter-terrorism policies; and the analysis of terrorism trials.

ICCT is supported by a unique partnership among three renowned institutions based in The Hague: the TMC Asser Instituut, the Netherlands Institute of International Relations, and the Centre for Terrorism and Counterterrorism at Leiden University. Among its Board of Advisors are Mike Smith, former Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Director of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate; Joanne Mariner, Interim Director of Law and Policy at Amnesty International; and M. Cherif Bassiouni, Emeritus Professor of Law at DePaul University and a frequent collaborator with INSCT.

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