Syracuse University Institute for Security Policy and Law

Dineen Hall, Suite 300
950 Irving Avenue
Syracuse University College of Law
Syracuse, NY 13244-6070

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Staff  Contacts

Hon. James E. Baker, Director
Office: 300E Dineen Hall

Expertise: National security law; terrorism and counterterrorism; counterterrorism law; judicial process; military justice and military commissions; geopolitics and international law; law of the sea; terrorism and counterterrorism; use of military force; artificial intelligence; cybersecurity, and the law; national security process and the government; intelligence community, intelligence law, and secrecy; executive powers and constitution law

Robert B. Murrett, Deputy Director
Office: 300G Dineen Hall

Expertise: National defense strategy and policy, military intelligence, NATO, geospatial intelligence, veterans’ affairs

Keli Perrin, Managing Director
Office: 300D Dineen Hall

Expertise: Homeland security law and policy, emergency/disaster preparedness and response, postconflict and post-disaster resilience, drones/unmanned aerial vehicles, critical infrastructure, disaster compensation and mass torts

Tom Odell, Associate Director
Office: 300B Dineen Hall

Expertise: Rule of law, international arbitration, states of emergency

Corri Zoli, Director of Research
Office: 300F Dineen Hall

Expertise: International humanitarian law, laws of war, conflict studies, Islamic law, global governance, foreign policy, international relations, military force structure, veterans’ affairs, interdisciplinary social sciences, STEM fields

Kristen Duda, Office Coordinator

Office: 300 Dineen Hall

Martin Walls, Communications Manager
Office: 402G Dineen Hall


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