FISA Working Group

In collaboration with the ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security, the FISA Working Group aims to make recommendations for revision to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Mapping Global Insecurity

In this project SPL and the Moynihan Institute focuses on scanning the world for “global black spots,” defined as physical areas outside effective governmental control.

Postconflict Resilience

SPL’s project on Postconflict Resilience is an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional, and cross-sector effort to generate a stream of research aimed at identifying key metrics of adaptive capacity in local communities, organizations, governments, and societies overcome by security challenges such as armed conflict and catastrophic disasters.

Postconflict Transitions

As postconflict stabilization, reconstruction, and peacebuilding efforts draw to a close, foreign actors and their host nation counterparts undergo a “transition” period of shared responsibility or mutual support to one in which host nation institutions assume self-reliant administrative control over the full range of state functions.

The Rise of the Drones

SPL’s project on “The Rise of the Drones” seeks to illuminate the debate on the legality of the use of drones to target enemies, including al-Qa’ida and Taliban operatives, in various locations around the world.

Rule of Law Workshops

  • Law & Security: Perspectives from the Field & Beyond (2013)
  • SPL/Bantle Symposia (2005/2006)

Security Sector Governance

SPL’s Security Sector Governance project addresses difficult, often ambitious efforts embodied in a variety of multi- and unilateral activities, with labels such as Security Cooperation (SC); Security Assistance (SA); Security Sector Reform (SSR); Security Force Assistance (SFA); and Demobilization, Disarmament, and Reintegration (DDR). This project consists of two parts: “Contracting in Complex Operations: Developing a Contracting Framework for Security Sector Reconstruction and Reform” and “The Prospects of Institutional Transfer: A Within-Case Analysis of Partnering Efforts across the Afghan Security Sector.”

Teaching National Security Law & Policy

Annual ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security seminars on Teaching National Security Law bring together the research, legal, and educational communities to discuss the methods, tools, and processes of training future practitioners and leaders.

Victim Compensation

SPL’s Victim Compensation project develops a national policy for compensating victims of terrorism through research and dialogue with an interdisciplinary team of practitioners and academics.

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