Syracuse University Institute for Security Policy and Law

Dineen Hall, Suite 300
950 Irving Avenue
Syracuse University College of Law
Syracuse, NY 13244-6070

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Staff  Contacts

Hon. James E. Baker, Director
Office: 300E Dineen Hall

Expertise: National security law; terrorism and counterterrorism; counterterrorism law; judicial process; military justice and military commissions; geopolitics and international law; law of the sea; terrorism and counterterrorism; use of military force; artificial intelligence; cybersecurity, and the law; national security process and the government; intelligence community, intelligence law, and secrecy; executive powers and constitution law

Robert B. Murrett, Deputy Director
Office: 300G Dineen Hall

Expertise: National defense strategy and policy, military intelligence, NATO, geospatial intelligence, veterans’ affairs

Keli Perrin, Managing Director
Office: 300D Dineen Hall

Expertise: Homeland security law and policy, emergency/disaster preparedness and response, postconflict and post-disaster resilience, drones/unmanned aerial vehicles, critical infrastructure, disaster compensation and mass torts

Kristen Duda, Office Coordinator

Office: 300 Dineen Hall