Syracuse University Institute for Security Policy and Law is a unique asset of the College of Law and the Maxwell School of Citizenship. As an SPL student and Graduate Assistant, I have seen how the interactions between law and policy students creates an incredibly beneficial interdisciplinary academic environment. Through my work with SPL faculty, I have been exposed to a variety of important national security topics, and I have learned important lessons that I can carry into my future career.

Frank E. Garrison (MPA Candidate ’18 and Atlantis Scholar)


SPL’s interdisciplinary law and graduate programs address the law and policy of national and international security, counterterrorism, postconflict reconstruction, cybersecurity, emerging tech, and more. Students engage in advanced coursework, research projects guided by expert faculty, simulations, internships, capstone projects, and networking events … MORE


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National and international security experts at SPL have extensive experience engaging complex, evolving security issues in order to identify where policymakers and practitioners can best place their resources … MORE