This initiative highlights Syracuse University Institute for Security Policy and Law’s graduate-level education and policy analysis capabilities in the areas of defense and intelligence strategy, as well as SPL’s support of US veterans and military families, with the recognition that veterans affairs also is a national security issue.

Defense Strategy & Veterans Affairs Projects

Veterans’ Research

SPL is collaborating with SU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science and Institute for Veterans and Military Families on a series of multi-method research projects that are providing novel, critical data on veterans’ and institutions’ attitudes toward the post-secondary education of former military personnel—particularly in the science, technological, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields—in order to leverage veterans’ skill sets and to help them remain productive citizens. Projects include the “Service to Student Survey,” “From Battlefield to Classroom,” and “Battlefield Perceptions of Engineering.”

Academic Programs in Security, Postconflict Reconstruction, Cybersecurity, and Counterterrorism Law

SPL offers both interdisciplinary and discipline-specific courses and programs that address the law and policy of national and international security and counterterrorism. SPL’s students engage in advanced coursework toward specialty certificates in security and counterterrorism studies.

SPL Blog

A blog by SPL staff, faculty, alums, and associates about national security, homeland security, defense and intelligence, international law, the Middle East, humanitarian law, human rights, and many other topics.

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